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Andrea Tucker Hody

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andrea tucker hodyA graduate of Brooklyn’s prestigious Pratt Institute, Andrea Tucker-Hody was already an accomplished printmaker when she enrolled in her first papermaking workshop nearly twenty years ago. Her interest was sparked by necessity: the need to work on larger format papers. Papermaking has since become a major component of her life. After that first workshop, Tucker-Hody studied papermaking at San Francisco’s Experimental Institute of Papermaking and at Oakland’s College of Arts and Crafts. She has been a three-time grant recipient of the California Arts Council with community residencies in Papermaking. Her past sojourn has been an apprenticeship at a mill in Echizen Valley, Japan.

She describes her work as being profoundly altered when she began combining traditional Japanese papermaking with elements of printmaking. “I’m attracted to the dichotomy of opposites,” Tucker-Hody explains. “I like blending an ancient craft with modern fine art techniques, and mixing organic with synthetic materials in the same piece.”

Andrea describes her (Washi) handmade paper assemblages as “papestries.” Layered and textured, they are a pure assimilation of Japanese aesthetics. The pieces ranges in size from 4x6 inches to six feet; they are hand dyed fiber, poured and laminated onto flexible screens. This unique technique permits the interplay of space, light, and fiber. Inclusions include Byzantine coin transfers and architectural elements that are drawn and gold-leafed. Her work with its Asian and Euro-Western influences are decidedly Pacific Rim.

Her pieces are found in the private collections of George & Dorothy Saxe, Proctor & Gamble, the Oakland Museum, and Paramount Pictures, as well as leading craft galleries across the United States.